Flip 2 Dao allows you to Invest in our Property Portfolio

As A Member Of The Flip 2 DAO Community, You Will Be Eligible To Own A Piece Of Our Vetted Real Estate Property That We Purchase Below The Market Value. These Significant Savings Could Be As High As 50%, Which Allows Our Investors To Experience An Immediate Capital Gain.

Our purchased real estate properties will then be fractionalized into shares to allow our members to buy for as low as $100. Each share represents fractional ownership of the specific property in our portfolio.

Each fractionalized property will be carefully managed by our team of experts to make real estate investing hassle-free, while the owners of our membership experience a true passive income with monthly distribution of profits.

This is the idea that Cesar Pina had in mind to help spread wealth among everyday people. Cesar is an avid investor, entrepreneur, family man & a New York Times Best Selling Author "Flipping Keys".

His wife, Jennifer Pina, has created an empire of property rentals, multifamily buildings, and commercial properties alongside Cesar. Both have over 15 years of experience, 3,000+ rentals, and over $100M+ in real estate transactions.

Other notable members of our team include co-founders Dj Envy & Johnny Marines. Two of New York's power players in the Music, Media, Entrepreneurship, and Real Estate industries. This project, its staff members, roadmap, and property portfolio is a real testament to Cesar's vision. Building wealth through real estate and a community of members globally.



Read through popular questions and answers about Flip2Dao

Am I able to sell my fractionalized real estate shares to someone else?
Yes. The beauty of our innovation is to allow our investors to liquidate and sell their fractionalized ownership of their real estate property to someone else. However, accredited members can only sell their shares to another accredited investor that we have verified due to SEC requirements.
Are fractionalized ownerships real estate legally-possible?
Yes. Our team of legal experts will complete all filing to the SEC and legal proceedings before the first fractionalized real estate share is sold. The beauty of blockchain technologies is to allow anyone from anywhere around the world to be able to access real estate investing through our platform.
Do I need to have residency in the United States to be a member and fractionalized owner?
No. The beauty of blockchain technologies is to allow anyone from anywhere around the world to be able to access real estate investing through F2D.
How am I protected with my investment?
All investments have some risk to them but we specialize in identifying and purchasing assets at wholesale or below-market prices, creating appreciation through value-add renovations and superior management. In fact, your Investment represents a fractionalized ownership interest in actual properties purchased by us. Your Investment also gives you the ability to vote on how the properties are developed.
How are you able to purchase real estate below market value?
Through the decades of experience from Cesar and his team of experts, we are able to acquire real estate properties and vet deals that no ordinary real estate agent can ever have access to. Each property will have full transparency on the break-downs and investment cost to showcase the legitimacy of the property itself.
How will I get my monthly distribution of the profits from the rental income?
Monthly distribution will be payable through our system.
What blockchain network will The Next DAO be on?
Flip2Dao will be living on the Ethereum network.
Who is considered an accredited investor?
An accredited investor is a person who must meet a certain set of requirements set out by the SEC. These requirements contain a minimum threshold of net worth and yearly salary to qualify.


Real Estate Platform Powered By Web3 Technology

Through our innovative fractionalized Flip 2 DAO ownership every day people can experience the benefits of a real estate investor with as little as $100.



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Email: support@flip2doa.com

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“No membership tier grants or guarantees any rights with respect to investment except access to the real estate platform where members may assess various investment opportunities. Prior to being approved to invest, FLIP2DAO and its partners and associates will assess a member’s legal ability and suitability to invest. Our legal team will collect certain information from the member, and other personal data which we will use to perform KYC and comply with any other regulations or legal requirements. FLIP2DAO uses Regulation A, Regulation D, Reg Crowdfunding, and private placement (for certain accredited investors only) as the legal basis for any offerings. FLIP2DAO may be required to prepare or file documents, reports, or statements to various authorities, including tax authorities, for any investors or members. Any information provided to FLIP2DAO is transmitted and stored with industry-standard encryption and security practices.”